I have decided to start blogging again as part of my slightly premature midlife crisis.

I’ll probably end up with nothing to say, but it’s been fun having an excuse to make a new WordPress template…

So, some useful facts about me would probably be useful… I’m a Rev. thanks to the ULC because I believe in the universal priesthood of all believers. I have been a Christian for many years and have studied philosophy and theology at university – twice – although I had to drop out both times due to lack of money. Luckily these are topics which can easily be studied as a hobby! I intend to finish my degree with the OU starting in 2014, for my own satisfaction.

Some of my specific beliefs strike some people as faulty or even outright heresy. It appears the most controversial of my beliefs are my universalist tendencies and my thoughts on evolution.

I have a career in social care, as I think your work should be your “works”, but am continually frustrated by government policy and the lack of support and kudos for the many thousands of underpaid and overworked care workers here in the UK.

My other interests are basically planes, trains, drains and cranes: I like aviation and transport in general, the hidden and underground parts of cities and architecture. To relax I like playing SimCity (still playing 4: Rush Hour) and watching disaster documentaries (or “plane crash porn”, as they’re known in my household). I’m an Australophile.

I can also be found chatting on the internets on Christian Chat (as PresentingLilyMars) and Secular Chat (as RevDollyRotten).



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