Election sermon

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So this:douglasadams

Douglas Adams excerpt is doing the rounds again. It’s right you know. There’s an “elite”, a “Them”, ruling classes who carefully breed and produce children they raise to join their class and rule in turn. These days in our “democracies” we choose between members of those classes.

This is not News. This is Olds.

We might as well call this class “lizards”, to handily label the various manifestations of this class in our various countries and systems, and this suits them as well as any other name. That much privilege can dehumanise even the best of us to one extent or another. We’ve seen many examples of the various types of person the ruling class can produce. We have a long documented history of how those classes have behaved, and we are more educated and able to judge them than ever.

Thanks to the global communication miracle we have today, we have a much broader view and understanding of people and how we think and operate in the world. And we are all getting richer. Even the poor are getting richer. More people have things like clean water and bicycles than never before. In many ways, life all over the world is legit getting better. We’re getting towards a point where we have the technology, skills and labour to actually make a better, fairer world for everyone, and maybe even live in space just for the heck of it. More and more people are thinking this is not utopian dreaming, but actually doable, and the more you think about such a future, the more you realise it is the Lizards in the way.

The reaction of many people on realising this is despair. Why choose between Lizards? They need to be denounced! Overthrown! IT’S ALL SOME TERRIBLE CONSPIRACY. And it kind of is, and it kind of isn’t. Yes, they all know each other (and breed with each other). Yep, they even occasionally meet up at hotels in the middle of nowhere and get drunk, let off steam, and talk freely to each other. So what? That’s what social classes do. It’s what subcultures do. It’s what big workplaces do. It’s also perfectly normal to raise your kids to carry on the family trade. When it goes well, no-one cares, because it works well for all of us, and most people wouldn’t want to run the bloody country anyway. They’ve got their own role in life to worry about and don’t challenge the world they were raised into. That’s how the Lizards get away with war and belligerence and being immoral despots. But that is the world that most people live in and I don’t think most Lizards have challenged the worlds they live in either. They are also just taking a role. They are likely to be a “sheeple”. Even the ones at those Bilderberg meetings and “worse”.

The forces of “good” and “evil” are at work throughout all of us individually, not as social classes, and this includes the Lizard types. The Light shines even on their scaley hides, and for them too, it’s not a religious, corporate or social decision but an individual one to put the ego aside and work for goodness and the future instead of self and the now. Most of our jobs are actually morally neutral. This includes most Lizard jobs. It’s the decisions we *all* make on a day to day basis that plant the seeds of good or evil for the future, and increase or decrease the likelihood of a future Utopia.

If we are stamping around being selfish, miserable bastards, a Lizard will say things like, “blame your immigrant neighbour for your misery!”

If we are being happy and kind, a Lizard will say things like, “Let’s not spend money on war, but on hospitals!”

Humans are all both selfish and kind, so we have an assortment of Lizards all appealing to our various good or bad natures, based on how we appeal to *their* good or bad natures.

If humans were more concerned about other people, we would only vote for candidates who promised to help people, and Lizards would have to work on that basis. We are as much to blame for them as they are for our greed that lets them do bad things to the world.

So, the more humans start to think outside of their ego, and more about others, the nicer our Lizards will also become.

Obviously, nice Lizards sow the seeds of their own downfall. In a better educated and fed free world, awareness that the Lizards are the problem will spread. Even among Lizards. So we can expect the evil lizards to get more desperate, and desperate people make mistakes and get exposed and disposed of. Shrewd voting is a kind of lizard-breeding done by the voters, choosing (actual) memes not genes.

Imagine if the world went vegetarian overnight – what would happen to all of the cows? It would be a silly thing to do and be bad for the cows. You’d have to phase meat eating out and come up with cow sanctuaries and whatnot. For the same reason, we have to carefully manage the introduction of Utopia – what would happen to all of the Lizards? 🙂

The revolution will not be political. As long as people are ego-driven there will be hierarchies and so there will always be Lizards (or even pigs) in whatever political system we live in. Right now we are in a democracy, so vote for the nice lizards and you’ll eventually get Utopia as rights and education open more minds and Lizards become redundant. You can work between elections in any way you want to speed that process. The only real way to bring in that world is by living in it already and being good and honest in every aspect of your life, no matter what you do. Vote for the “wrong lizard”, and you make that goal even harder. Freedom is lost. Books are burned.

Where is all this rambling going? To this shocking twist: THIS ELECTION IS NOT ACTUALLY BETWEEN TWO LIZARDS.

It’s between one perfectly competent lizard and a complete and utter idiot who has used his money and appealing to people’s ego and worse natures to buy and bluff his way into the competition.

It could be so much better if it was two lizards. Imagine if it had been two competent lizards, each making an honest and coherent case for a conservative or progressive approach to the various problems the world was facing. Because if that was what we wanted, that’s what we would get, and it’s what we will get, if we keep selecting for the competent lizards who don’t seem immune to goodness. Calling Trump a lizard is a complete insult to every honest lizard who ever ran for any elected public office after decades of hard work, or who got promoted to the top of their non-elected system after the same!

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