Living Without (So Much) Money

Whether you’re thinking about completely rejecting money or looking to become more self-sufficient so you have to work less for The Man, it’s easier (and trendier) now than it has been for a long time…

Find Some Land

If you’re not lucky enough to already own your own land, there’s more available than you might think. You can grow stuff anywhere there’s muck, after all. As well as the traditional allotments, which often have a long waiting list, there are many community projects, both council-led and independent. You could also find yourself a plot on Landshare, or do it guerilla-style.

Grow Your Own

Whether you’ve got land or not, you can stretch your food budget by using any space you do have, wherever you are. Herbs and salad leaves will grow well in small pots on windowsills and doorsteps, and balconies and small urban gardens can produce impressive quantities of vegetables and fruit in large pots and the ground.

Nurture Your Inner Womble

Services like Freecycle have made it easier than ever to find things to make good use of, but you can also actively scavenge for things that other people have thrown away, in skips and fly tipping spots.

Raid Those Bins

Most people are aware these days of the vast amounts of food thrown away by supermarkets, and dumpster diving is an almost respectable occupation. In my experience this is especially useful for finding bread and treats to supplement all that home-grown veg.

Don’t Waste Your Waste

If you’re growing your own food, you’ll need jars and containers for growing and preserving, and you’ll be needing compost and fertilizer. Most things we throw we away can be recycled into necessities or upcycled. After a while you’ll probably be generating next to no waste except the wrappers of all that chocolate you found in the supermarket bin.

Make Friends

There are so many people living the Good Life these days, you should make sure you find like minded people. Not only could you get actually useful advice rather than just a trivial list article, you could trade surpluses and skills.

Fight the Power

If you’ve got several grand (at least) you could look into getting a wind turbine or solar panels. For everyone else, you can try energy saving tips. It’s time for the great draft excluder revival!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

We’re conditioned from such an early age to think that money is essential, but it isn’t. Plenty of families live mostly without money and are happy, well-fed and free. True happiness is not measured in material possessions, but in the quality of our relationships and how satisfied we are with how we spend our time.